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    Japanese Nightlife Etiquette: Live It Up Like a Local

    What makes for an authentic Japanese nightlife experience? Neon lights, hedonistic drinks, and the best sound systems in Asia certainly contribute, but to really experience Japanese nightlife requires embracing an even deeper concept: the culture. In Japan, nightlife is when you can shed your tatemae (建前, the social facade of public appearance), and embrace your honne (本音, your true feelings), to enter a […] More

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    One Night in Tokyo: How To Party All Night Long

      To summarize Tokyo in one night is a sweeping generalization, but luckily you’ve come to the article that does just that. Assuming you only have one night in Tokyo, we’ll provide a concise itinerary that, while challenging, will deliver an unforgettable adventure. Feel free to sync the entire itinerary to your calendar at the end of this […] More

  • DJing in Tokyo – Part 2: How Much Do DJs Get Paid?

    While I have already covered the three simple steps to getting a DJ gig in Tokyo, I will now reveal the pay scales that Tokyo’s foreign DJs can expect to make as they progress in Tokyo’s DJ scene.  This article will cover the entire spectrum of DJ pay in Tokyo; from the early beginnings to the international stardom. Pay Scales in Tokyo: a) Nothing: Starting […] More

  • DJing in Tokyo – Part 1: How to Get a Gig

    With language barriers, competition, and a lack of cultural knowledge, DJing in Tokyo can come across as a daunting, if not impossible, task. And while it isn’t easy, don’t believe the hype: it’s much more simple than your expectations may lead you to believe. Almost every local and international DJ I’ve met (outside of international high-end headliners) have […] More

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