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How to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Tokyo

End 2018 with a bang at these Tokyo NYE parties.

2018 is coming to an end, and Tokyo is letting loose with End of the Year parties (bōnenkai 忘年会) and massive New Year’s Eve events. Similar to Halloween, this city offers a wide selection of ways to celebrate the big countdown.

Here is our guide to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Tokyo!


Tokyo New Year's Eve Party


Because of the end of year parties, it is nearly impossible to grab a taxi. Stick to the trains on New Year’s Eve.


Typically Tokyo’s trains stop running at 1 am, but on New Year’s Eve, they will operate all night. The time schedules will vary between train lines, but for the most part, you can expect a train every 20 to 30 minutes.

Arrive Early

A majority of the clubs will open at 9 pm, with lines growing almost immediately. Arrive early to avoid waiting in massive lines.

Or Arrive Late

Because trains are operating all night, clubs will start to thin out around 3 am. If you would like to avoid the massive crowds but still want to party, try celebrating the countdown at a bar or the Shibuya streets, and then hit the club later.

Grab your celebration drinks early!

From about 30 minutes before the countdown, the bars will be swamped… and the last thing anyone wants is to celebrate the Countdown into the New Year waiting in line.

Stay Safe

Every year, Tokyo’s party holidays have become more and more hazardous. This year’s Halloween was an example of how wild and unruly the Shibuya streets can become. Trucks were flipped over, creepy men took perverted photos of girls and fights broke out on the streets. In general, Tokyo is a safe place, but the streets this year could get dangerous. The police will be on full alert this year, but we recommend keeping your wits about.


WARP Shinjuku

Warp Shinjuku

Where: Shinjuku
How Much: 7 pm-Midnight Men are 6,000 Yen and Women 5,000 Yen with 1 Drink. After Midnight Men are 3,500 Yen and Women are 1,000 Yen with 1 Drink. 
More Information:

Tokyo’s newest super nightclub is located directly in the heart of Shinjuku, just down the street from the infamous Robot Restaurant. The club is massive, contains three different dance floors, and features incredible production on the main floor.

For their first Countdown party, WARP Shinjuku has booked the EDM Duo VINAI. Known for their infectious dance music hits, VINAI will unleash their energetic DJ style onto WARP’s massive stage.

Read our full break down of WARP here:


Where: Shinkiba (Nearest station: Shinkiba Station) 
Doors open: 9:00pm
How Much: 6,500 Yen
Event Details:

ageha countdown

Without a doubt, ageha’s New Year’s Eve party is the biggest nightclub countdown celebration in Japan. The production during the countdown is on an entirely different level, and this year they are bringing in Showtek, one of the most popular EDM acts in the world. In addition to the main floor, four different floors will be packed with Japan’s biggest DJs ranging from techno to hip hop.

They will also have a shrine set up for New Year wish-making. And stick around till the end because guests can view the first sunrise of the new year over the Tokyo Bay from ageHa park!

1OAK Tokyo

1oak countdown

Where: Roppongi
Doors open: 9 PM
How Much: Men are 15, 000 Yen and Women are 10,000 Yen
Full Event Details: Details will be announced on their Instagram page:

1OAK Tokyo is currently Tokyo’s most hyped up nightclub, and their NYE party will undeniably be a big event packed with models and celebrities. Be warned though, the queue last year was insane, and the club itself was slammed. Only consider going here if you plan to book VIP tables. This year 1OAK is welcoming popular rapper BlocBoy JB to perform.

Read our complete thoughts on the new nightclub with our recent review.


womb new year's eve 2017

Where: Shibuya
Doors open: 9 pm
How Much: Men are 5,000 Yen and Women 4,500 Yen. After Midnight Men are 4,000 Yen and Women 3,500 Yen

WOMB is bringing in the new year with the deep techno sounds of Nic Fanciulli for a special 6-hour set! Guests looking for a night of underground sounds can groove the night away on three different dance floors or take advantage of WOMB’s new VIP tables overlooking the main dance floor.


Where: Shibuya
How Much: Men 4,000 Yen with 1 Free Drink, Ladies 3,000 Yen with 2 Free Drinks
More Information:

Shibuya’s most international friendly club is a safe bet for bringing in the new year. Camelot’s three different floors will cater to all party goers with Hip Hop, Top 40, EDM, Trap and much more!


White Rabbit

White Rabbit. 3.2K likes. FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT

Where: Trump Room, Shibuya
Doors open: 9 pm
How Much: 3,000 Yen, Facebook Guestlist 2,500 Yen with One Free Drink

Popular underground party promoters, White Rabbit, are throwing their annual NYE event at the funkiest little nightclub in Tokyo. Trump Room’s two floors will be filled with hard-hitting sounds spanning techno to hip-hop/trap.


Where: Roppongi
How Much: 20:00~22:00 Gentleman 4,000 Yen 2 Free Drinks Ladies 2,000 Yen 2 Free Drinks
22:00~4:00 Gentleman 5,000 Yen 2 Free Drinks Ladies 3,000 Yen 2 Free Drinks
Event Details:

This popular Roppongi nightclub is the place to be for foreign models, expats and your average international partygoer. The main floor has some of the best party vibes in the city, and the VIP table bottle service is some of the best in town. The lines get long here, so be sure to arrive early.


The Shibuya Crossing Countdown

Bring in the new year with tens of thousands of other revelers at the Shibuya Crossing. The streets will be closed and swarmed with people. From 11 pm to midnight, these few blocks will be the wildest party in Tokyo. Don’t forget to dress warm and grab a chu-hi!

This year’s Halloween wrecked the streets of Shibuya and as a result, received negative media coverage. So anticipate the police be out in full force, and try to keep from getting too rowdy.

However you decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we here at Tokyo Night Owl wish our readers a Happy New Year!


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