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  • Tokyo Yokocho

    Tokyo Alleyway Bars: Three Charming Yokochos

    This article is provided by our friends at NOCTIVE. Check out their website for more insightful write-ups like this. Head to any major Japanese station area at night and you will most likely find at least one street lined with bars and restaurants. If it is narrow, only accommodates pedestrians and has a high ratio […] More

  • Tokyo Bar Hopping

    Bar Hopping in Tokyo with Magical Trip

    As you can guess bar hopping is a relatively new term nowadays in Tokyo. You may think that it is about hitting up multiple bars, grabbing shots and going on to the next place but Tokyo Bar Hopping is not like that at all. You may imagine a bar to be something that you are […] More

  • When Sensoji Closes: Asakusa Nightlife

    Seeing Asakusa as it is today –and has been for the last 50 years- it’s hard to imagine that these few city blocks once packed more action than Paris’ Montmartre, New York’s Broadway, New Orleans’ Bourbon Street and Tokyo’s own Kabukicho combined; even more so that this “once” wasn’t down in the far past but […] More

  • Order a Drink in Japanese

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    How to Order a Drink like a Badass (in Japanese)

    With the simple sections in this article, you can finally order a drink in Japanese (like a badass). No longer will you need your phrasebook, slowed-down English, and ridiculous charades to order a drink in Japan; all you need are the Japanese phrases below. Getting Started: While ordering drinks in Japanese, there’s one critical word that stands […] More